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October 17 to November 20
Reception: Saturday, October 17, 6 to 9p
Exhibition: CHESTNUT
Solo Shows: Daniel Leighton; Lori Pond; Elyse Wyman
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December 12 to January 8, 2016
Reception: Saturday, December 12, 6 to 9p
Exhibition: 2015 Open Show
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January 16 to February 19
Reception: Saturday, January 16, 6 to 9p
Exhibition: Multiple Feeds
Solo Shows: Dwora Fried; Lisa McCord
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February 27 to April 1
Reception: Saturday, February 27, 6 to 9p
Exhibition: TBD
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April 9 to May 6
Reception Saturday, April 9, 6 to 9p
Exhibition: TBD
Solo Shows: Chenhung Chen; Seda Saar; Devin Thor; Janine Brown
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May 21 to June 3
Reception: Saturday, May 21, 6 to 9p
Exhibition: VS
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June 10 to June 17
Reception: Friday, June 10, 6 to 9p
Exhibition: Out There
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June 25 to July 22
Reception: Saturday, June 25, 6 to 9p
Solo Shows: Gina Herrera; Niku Kashef; J.T. Burke
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July 30
Reception: Saturday, July 30, 6 to 9p
Event: LAAA 2015 Benefit Auction
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August 13 to August 26
Exhibition: TBD
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September 10 to October 7
Reception: Saturday, September 10, 6 to 9p
Solo Shows: Luigia Martelloni; David B. Jang; Ahree Lee; Margaret Noble
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