Alexis Murray



Artist Statement

Thematically, I am very interested in thoughts around coping, and all the behaviors we allow it to rationalize, organize, dictate and create.  My childhood outside of Philadelphia returns me to the topics of the collateral damage of mental illness and addiction, feelings of isolation and rejection within a family, and the notion that there are realities you continually circle around but cannot change.  These ideas are framed with concepts of broader contemporary pressures - our hideously divided country, our uncertain futures, the constant demands of daily life and our incessant virtual connectivity.  We are a divided people, scrambling and scattered while operating from a place of fear and anxiety - even in our contrived and structured “downtime”. The political implications of our last election and the new shift into not knowing what is truth has left many fearful and feeling marginalized, wondering where they belong and who they belong with.  This state, combined with our perceived inability to disconnect, our struggle to stay emotionally engaged, and the myopia our pace breeds is isolating, lonely and deeply disorienting - especially for women. Domestic ambivalence, the craving to unplug and decompress is another point of departure in my work as it explores the conundrums of coping, aging, sexuality, adapting, guilt and legacy. It is cycle of life meets science fiction, infused with fantasy, hallucination and altered states.