Transition IV

Barbara Kolo




Artist Statement

A quiet stillness to Barbara Kolo’s work evokes a time of reflection. Inspired by natural forms and influenced by impressionist, Aboriginal, and Asian, art she developed a graceful meditative visual language, using dots or circles and lines. The paintings grow organically, with any resulting symmetry and order happening in the moment. Her tactile and pointillist landscapes reflect upon the poetry and gestures of natural forms, but are never strictly representational. Alternatively, Kolo focuses on materiality and application process. A spectrum of shades and hues pulsate rhythmically across her canvas, but there is no evidence of brushstrokes and colors are never blended. Instead she utilizes a controlled method of drips on the canvas and/or a labor-intensive process of painting dots across the surface. Viewers are at once transfixed by a dizzying swirl of drips and or dots as well as the gestural elegance of the natural forms.