Drunk Bunny

Buns & Roses

A Polish Cocktail

Barbie Brady




Artist Statement

Reoccurring elements in my work consist of bunnies, cocktails, ephemera, words, texture and repetitive processes such as handmade felt flowers or hand cut yarn.

One might say that the bunny is my spirit animal. My husband and I got into the habit early of calling each other “BunnyBear.” This has led to a house full of bunny items and a fondness for our love language as the symbolism of something precious, expressive and fragile.

Buns & Roses
My newest body of work consists of large canvases “painted” with felt flowers and faux fur bunnies. Each canvas is painted and then the flowers and rabbit are applied. The overall composition and exuberance of color and texture create a moment that I liken to isolated joy. Each rose symbolic of a memory. Each rabbit lost in its own reveries.

Another outlet for the Buns & Roses work is the painted bottles. Bridging my previous “Drunk Bunny” work, the liquor bottles are acquired honestly, drunk with abandon by my husband. The act of emptying a bottle is the act of acquiring memories. The roses fill the bottles and the bunnies grace the labels as they claim those moments for their own.

Drunk Bunnies
This series of work was born from my love of ephemera and nostalgia. Still playing with memory, alcohol, and my bunny expression of self, each piece tells a personal story of my past: A map of North Carolina, where I stated drinking alcohol again after a 4 year abstinence; A map of Connecticut, where my best friend hails from; A set of Barbie Doll instructions from the ‘80s, my Barbie Doll instructions, from my childhood; an aged bingo card; pages from old journals. Each piece of paper and each realistic rabbit paired with a cocktail represent a moment from my history for better or worse. Not all vice is liquid, nor all memory intact.