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Group Show: Personal Vacation | Solo Shows: Erika Lizée, Gina M. & Susan Swihart

Los Angeles Art Association is proud to present Personal Vacation , An all-media exploration of cultural identity,  juried by Chris Davies, CEO/Publisher Fabrik Media, Inc. Opening Reception is Saturday, October 21 from 6-9pm at Gallery 825. 

Above images by Cathy Immordino, Stuart Needman and Annie Terrazzo

Above images by Cathy Immordino, Stuart Needman and Annie Terrazzo

Personal Vacation will feature artists: Mark Acetelli, Janine Brown, Ellen Cantor, Chenhung Chen, Chung-Ping Cheng, Katherine Cooksey, Astrid Frances, Thomas Garner, Rob Grad, Maureen Haldeman, S.P. Harper, Gina Herrera, Sandy Huse, Cathy Immordino, Jeff Iorillo, Chris Ito, Linda Kunik, Esther Kwan Simon, Stu Needman, Tom Pazderka, Lori Pond, Osceola Refetoff, Linda Stelling, Annie Terrazzo, Devin Thor, Ken Weingart and Torie Zalben.

In addition to the group show, Personal Vacation LAAA will present three solo exhibitions by Erika Lizée, Gin M and Susan Swihart. All shows will open on Saturday,October 21 at Gallery 825 and run through December 1, 2017.

Lizée, Eternally Searching for press.jpg

Erika Lizée's new body of work Eternally Searching (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13) explores the breathtaking beauty, magic and power of the natural world. The artist is in a constant state of yearning; longing to understand the connections between things, to be able to grasp the complex and intricate web that is life. Lizée builds her installations from the idea that gallery walls can serve as symbolic thresholds between life and death, between what is known and unknown. Beyond the wall's surface, mysterious and complex biomorphic forms coalesce within the structures of sacred geometry, while other forms expand and emerge into the physical realm of the viewer. When we study mathematical sequences like the Fibonacci numbers, we can see how number patterns and geometry begin to reveal the framework of the world around us. Visually, the Fibonacci numbers manifest in form of the Golden Spiral, which can be observed throughout nature and serves as the centerpiece of this work of art. These mathematical clues give us a glimpse into the depths of the unknown, and speak to the deep-rooted questions we have always faced in relation to the existence of the universe and our role in it.



Gina M. ambitious work Midway combines hand built ceramics, found objects, painting, and photography to create trompe l'oeil "fool-the-eye" sculptures of faded plush toys and vintage carnival games. Step right up and enter Midway, a dream-like carnival-themed merchandising landscape emphasizing the human connection between midway games of chance and the disposable plush victory prizes they offer. Passersby are drawn into the space by the large, blue-and-white lacey bearskin rug and a wall of plush toys in the background. A pedestal lifts a jack-in-the-box clown to eye level. A corduroy elephant slumps in the corner. Toddler-sized bears with bows hang from the walls and doors. A midway carnival game and a giraffe on skates complete the amusement atmosphere. Upon closer inspection, the toys are faded, worn, used and abused - eyes pleading, arms reaching out for comfort.

Susan Swihart's exhibit About Face is a series of conceptual photographs that chronicles the evolution of her identical twin daughters as they transition from childhood to adolescence. As a mother, she has been observing the phenomenon of her daughters' connectedness since birth. As a photographer and participant observer in their lives, she has set out to explore the complex psychological components and the similarities and differences of her daughters' union. For Swihart, this work is both about capturing the girls' closeness and struggles, as it is about her role as parent in both encouraging their bond, as well as supporting their individual growth.

When: Opening Reception: Saturday, October 21, 2017. 6 - 9 pm (show runs through December 1).
Where: Gallery 825, 825 N. La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Admission: Free and open to the public.

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2017 Open Show

2017 Open Show LAAA's signature national survey exhibition open to all media artists. Show juried by Anna Katz, Assistant Curator at MOCA. Join us for the Opening Reception on Saturday, December 16, 6-9 pm. Exhibit runs through January 12th.

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Solo Shows | Flora Kao, Karchi Perlmann, John Rosewall & Ken Weingart

Join us for the Opening Reception on Saturday, September 9, 6-9 pm. Exhibit runs through October 13th.

Flora Kao's ambitious Homeland features large-scale rubbings from the decaying walls of a house, garden, and colonial storehouse in Taiwan. Exploring touch, bodily knowledge, and family history, Homeland is a wistful attempt to capture traces of structures on the verge of disappearing. These gestural rubbings serve as a physical anchor for memory and longing, a site of remembrance for what is lost.

Karchi Perlmann's LA Rhapsody - Super Moon / Opus No.1 is as a life-size, lyrical, 270º panoramic cityscape with the majesty and beauty Angolino's came to expect from many of the city's mountaintop views. However, the scrupulous details of the photograph slowly reveal an image that shrouds a host of narratives and events - sometimes even coming too close to comfort. The sense of beauty from the initial encounter is ultimately derailed by the common voyeuristic curiosity we all share, the fly-on-the-wall privy or the urge to discover hidden details and identify the recognizable. This is all underscored by a sound installation, which subtly reflects the enigmatic life we see. It is this seductive pull that surreptitiously leads the spectator to confront the realities of social and economic dissonance currently defining this great city of Los Angeles. 

John Rosewall's exhibit of new and recent paintings, Grip, examines the relationship between the powerful and powerless in today's United States-led global world order. The works are based on photographs appropriated from a wide variety of sources as well as photographs taken by the artist himself using models in the studio. Before and during the painting process, Rosewall modifies the images in various ways, removing unnecessary elements, highlighting others, combining multiple photographs, distilling the images to their essentials, in order to create the individual works which, taken together, provide an over-arching narrative of our current political situation. The installation asks the viewer to follow the contemporary vectors of influence that run from West to East, from First to Third World, from the capitals where half-secret deals are made to the streets and countrysides where they are enforced via repression, exploitation, and obscene violence.

Ken Weingart's exhibit Motel Stories is a series of photographs that document an inner world behind the closed doors of motel rooms. It is a glimpse inside the American underbelly of the universe: desperation, joy, hidden yearnings, and fears. It reflects contemporary society's appetite for voyeuristic entertainment. American motels are a metaphor for isolation and uncertainty.

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6:00pm 6:00pm

LAAA 2017 Benefit Auction

Join us as we celebrate 92 years of service to artists at our Los Angeles Art Association’s Annual Benefit Auction on July 29, 2017.

Click here to view LAAA's Benefit Auction and bid online!   

Check back frequently to see new inclusions.

LAAA's Annual Benefit Auction serves as an important survey exhibition and auction opportunity featuring one of the most compelling pools of emerging talent, as well as key pieces by established artists.

The artists contributing work to the auction view the fundraiser as an opportunity to give back to LAAA, an organization that has played a critical role in the professional growth of tens of thousands of artists. All proceeds benefit LAAA and the Los Angeles' emerging artist community.

The event will feature live and silent auctions including important works by Alexander Calder, Joan Miró, Ed Moses and more. Items will be also available for online bidding via Paddle8 before the July 29 festivities.


Click here for tickets


When:    7-9 pm on Saturday, July 29, 2017
              Live auction begins promptly at 7:15 pm
              Silent auction closes at 8:30 pm

Tickets:  VIP Preview | 6-7 pm $150 ($180 at the door)
               Food by NOBU
               Open bar and desserts
               A signed original limited edition archival pigment print                  on metallic silver paper by J.T. Burke

General Admission | 7-9 pm $25
               Open bar and desserts

Where:   Gallery 825
               825 N. La Cienega Blvd. 
               Los Angeles, CA 90069

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to Jun 18


Ping-Pong 2017 is a multi-destination, cross cultural collaboration featuring artists from Los Angeles, Miami, Berlin and Basel. Ping-Pong 2017 debuts at Projektraum M54 during Art Basel. Opening Reception on Wednesday, June 14th, 6-11 pm. Exhibit runs through June 18th.

LAAA will showcase artists Rob Grad and James Thegerstrom at PING-PONG 2017.


 In addition to the LAAA artists, PING-PONG will present artists Robert Chambers,
Jacek Kolasinski, Lauren Shapiro and Mette Tommerup (Miami) Antonia Lowe, 
 and Daniel Rode (Berlin) and Edie Hara, Georgine Ingold, Sue Irion, 
and Deirdre O'leary (Basel).

        Dates: Wed - Sun, June 14th - 18th 2017

        Opening Reception: Wed, June 14th 6-11pm. Performance by Lombego Surfers 

        Daily: Thu to Sun, June 15th - 18th, 2-8pm (Happy Hours Daily) 

        Address: Mörsbergerstrasse 54, Basel

        Phone: +41(0)61 683 05 95

        Email: art@ping-pong-basel.ch

       Web: www.ping-pong-basel.ch

       Admission: Free

       Transport: Tram 8, Stop on Feldbergstrasse (behind Matthaeus church)


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6:00pm 6:00pm

Out There

Out There is a very special all media exhibition celebrating the LGBT experience during West Hollywood's Pride Month festivities. Join us for the Opening Reception on Friday, June 9, 6-9 pm. Exhibit runs through June 16th.

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6:00pm 6:00pm

User to User | Solo Shows: Joanne Chase-Mattillo Joshua Levine & Peggy Pownall

 Join us for the Opening Reception on Saturday, March 18, 6-9 pm. Exhibit runs through April 21st.

User to User is LAAAA group show which is an all-media exploration of communication in our hyper-connected world. Juried by Bennett Roberts, Roberts & Tilton. www.robertsandtilton.com.

Solo Shows: Joanne Chase-Mattillo Joshua Levine & Peggy Pownall

User to User will feature artists: Larry Brownstein, Chenhung Chen, Karen Clark, Jeanne Dunn,
Timothy Haerens, Mark Indig, Kevin Michael Klipfel, Cameron McIntyre, Marilyn McRae, Adam Nisenson, Andrew Pasquella, Caron G. Rand, Young Summers, Jane Szabo and Qin Zhang

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Make America | Multiply Feeds
 & Solo Shows: June Kim & Eve Chayes Lyman

Juried by Nancy L. Meyer, Director of Exhibitions | Curatorial Manager of LAND, Los Angeles Nomadic Division.  Exhibit runs through March 10th

Los Angeles Art Association is proud to present Make America, an all-media exploration of a new national context. Make America will feature artists include Susan Arena, Donna Bates, Larry Brownstein, Mads Christensen, Vivian Wenhuey Chen, Carlos Grasso, Sol Hill, Colleen M. Kelly, Isolde Kille, Christine Kline,Kevin Michael Klipfel, Shelley Kommers, Paulina Lily La Bare, Tom Lasley,Geoffrey Levitt, Susan Melly, Janet Milhomme , Johnny Naked, David Nelson, Tanya Nolan, Osceola Refetoff, Justin Robinson, Carl Shubs, Jane Szabo, Michael Wood, Mara Zaslove.

Solo Shows Artists June Kim and Eve Chayes Lyman

MULTIPLE FEEDS is an online and gallery video exhibit that will feature video pieces by LAAA artists.  These videos are posted online and will be later be presented in person starting at the opening, Saturday, February 11, 2017 at LAAA's Gallery 825.

Multiple Feeds is made possible by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

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to Feb 6

Ambiguous Reality
 | Curated by Cynthia Penna

Exhibit runs through February 3rd.

Ambiguous Reality is an exchange show between LAAA and ART1307. The project is split in two sections, one held in Los Angeles and the other held in Napoli, Italy in November 2017.

USA: Los Angeles at Gallery 825 on January 21st -February3rd  
ITALY: Naples at Villa di Donato November 17th - January 13th 2018
Curator: Cynthia Penna | ART1307 Cultural Institution

Ellen Cantor                Emilia Castioni
Jeff Iorillo                    Dino Izzo
Barbara Kolo               Lello Esposito
Miguel Osuna              Amedeo Sanzone
Veda B. Kaya               Nicola Torcoli
Joan Wulf                    Carla Viparelli

The Concept. The single personal cultural experience go to form a body of works based on the division between reality and unreality in contemporary society. The ambiguity of the vision split between bi-dimensional and tridimensional, annihilates the certainty of the vision. 

The viewer who looks at the single work is obliged to ask himself: what am I looking at? 
The uncertain perception of the artwork, becomes an uncertain perception of the reality. The sense of relativity of the vision leads to the sense of disorientation regarding the reality of the world.

The entire actual society seems to be split between two opposites, real and virtual, people sometimes “perform” a character, “perform” a situation beyond his own real life. They are pushed to perform on the “stage” of life and wear a mask. The mask becomes a human body and the two aspects are fused together so that you cannot recognize what is real , what is fake.

The realm of reality has multiple aspects; the access to a true reality becomes more and more difficult. 

Art can represent or can create all this: artists are invited to investigate the multiple aspects of reality; the very narrow edges between reality and unreality, the uncertainty of the vision, the disorientation given by the ambiguity of the perception.

Art as appearance, as ghost of reality, or as a real reproduction of reality?

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