Los Angeles Art Association proudly presents 4 solo exhibitions by artists Susan Arena, Theodosia Marchant, Tom Pazderka and Tanya Ragir, on Saturday October 26, 2019 at Gallery 825.

The show runs through December 6, 2019.


Susan Arena's new body of work Children & Ancestors represents the process of negotiating the artist's journey through the world. Arena is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, a teacher. The artist looks out at the people around her, both living and dead, and uses their faces as inspiration to tap into emotional archetypes. The people who orbit her torment and teach.

Sometimes her process starts with a work on paper and sometimes it starts with molding a character in clay. Each medium is built on the other, and each subsequent work brings in new possibilities for understanding. Arena's oddly-shaped, vulnerable, imperfect creatures, fashioned out of mud and pigment are intended to stand together as family groupings.


Theodosia Marchant's exhibition, The World Of Others, explores fantasy. The most lucid of dreams seem larger than life, a collected maelstrom of emotions. Yet for all the magnitude of our imagination, they remain illusory, to try and focus is to break the chimera. As dramatic and exotic as they seem, they lack the visceral qualities of our waking experience. The monochromatic palate is intended to illustrate the distinction. They form an impression that remains elusive, bereft of the lived in, substance of real life.

Pazderka - The Woman on the Right.jpg

Tom Pazderka' s solo exhibit Anamnesis, or the remembering of things from a supposed previous existence, acts as a reconstitution of a memory one may or may not have had. Using old family photographs as subjects, Pazderka draws on his and his family's experience with immigration and integration into an alien culture, one that eventually became their own. These black and white images lack color in the same way that the immigrant experience lacks immediate contact with their distant past to a distant culture. In some ways the immigrant experiences memory as loss or incompleteness. It is this void that Pazderka attempts to illustrate through meticulous but often imprecise renderings of photographs whose technique often dictates which way the finished painting will move. Pazderka uses torches to burn wooden substrates and a mixture of ash and oil paint to paint his images. Proceeding with layers upon layers of increasingly viscous oil paint, the image seems to 'emerge' from the background as Pazderka picks out spots where the image will be brighter and leaving areas that will remain dark. The combination of ash and oil results in a mixture that is first very dark and is able to be manipulated even after drying. The end result is a painting that is entirely matte and still shows the surface of the wooden substrate 'through' the image.


Tanya Ragir's new body of work, Hard Wisdom, explores themes of destruction and renewal; tangible traces of experience and wisdom over time. Life size figure fragments and incorporated found elements are integral to the forms and narrative of the work. The sculptures are made with paper cay, found concrete, driftwood pressed leaves, and raw pigments.

When: Opening Reception: October 26, 2019 from 6 - 9 pm (show runs through December 6, 2019)

Where: Gallery 825

825 N. La Cienega Boulevard,

Los Angeles, CA 90069


Admission: Free and open to the public

Any questions please call the gallery: 310.652.8272 or e-mail:

Above images: Susan Arena, Theodosia Marchant, Tom Pazderka and Tanya Ragir,