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Conversations with the Artists

David Jang's most recent project Deflecting Production, pursues that unattainable ideal, perpetual motion. In contrast to the entropy of consumer production and planned obsolescence, Jang, in this kinetic installation, posits a work whose motion has no beginning or ending to its task of producing line and mass. Consisting of electric motor, steel and custom circuit boards the hinged rods produce a scissor-like movement; overall the components combine to become a complex structural drawing, in process, but never realizing its final form. In the ever-fleeting series of diamond shapes created by the work we the viewers must lose ourselves to find ourselves. Through this work, and through Jang's ongoing investigations, the artist is created a documentation of the industrial era, not by representation, but by reusing the actual technologies and bringing out the human elements of technology and technological elements of the human.

Ahree Lee's Permutation is a generative video installation exploring the paradox of similarity and difference. Using portrait photos collected from the Los Angeles Art Association community and the greater Los Angeles community through email, social media, and LAAA events, a computer algorithm dynamically remixes the photos into an ever-changing, fragmentary video portrait. The algorithm takes 5-6 photos at random and simultaneously displays a vertical section of each that moves across the screen to generate a face that is constantly evolving and never the same. The slices of individual photos that make up each composite function like the snippets of genetic code that are spliced together from two parents and generations of ancestors to create the DNA of each individual person. Like the permutations of DNA that result in infinite variations in human beings, the permutations generated by the algorithm are infinite.

Breathing by Luigia Martelloni presents a diaphanous wall is layered with transparent sheets on which calligrams are inscribed, an intensely personal reflection of the artist, but one that everyone can feel. Breathing by Luigia Martelloni is made up of multiple images of a wide variety of tree species, run across over thirty years of roaming and wandering throughout the world, while their shadows are projected dynamically, cast off at some distance in the background.  The result is literally a flood of symbols that individually and woven together create an extraordinary scene that communicates both mutable consistency and hints of coexistence, as if the artist insists that we understand, by offering us a landscape, which rather than being a subjective vision, with its own ductus operandi extends to and belongs to all of us. 

Margaret Noble creates interactive, multi-sensory sculptures and installations layered in sound and gesture. She designs these experiences with a diverse array of materials using archetypal and experimental forms. Surrogate Daydreams is a series of interactive and conceptual sculptures exploring the tensions and anxieties of living in today's, Information Age. Comprised of natural materials, industrial tools and digital technologies, these artworks offer audiences participatory scenarios investigating the impact of networked life on relationships, creativity, identity and the unconscious.

Later Event: November 16
Conversations with Artists