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Los Angeles Art Association is pleased to announce a special Conversations with the Artists on October 17, 2019 at 7pm at Gallery 825 ( show runs through October 18, 2019). Join us as we hear from the artists in the current exhibitions as well as juror Phyllis Hofberg.

Coy is an investigation of simplicity and modest presentation in contemporary art practice juried by Phyllis Hofberg, Art Advisor. Coy features artists BlackManWhiteBaby, Nika Armine, Larry Brownstein, Kerry Campbell, Ellen Cantor, Suzanne Edmonson, Megan Frances, Maureen Haldeman, Shelley Heffler, Veda B Kaya, Campbell Laird, Rich Lanet, Laura Larson, Dean Larson, Elizabeth Noble, Susan Ossoman, Osceola Refetoff,Karl Rogers, Seda Saar, Jacob Shavit, J. Sloman, Emily Snyder, Phil Tarley, Scott Trimble and Miss Art World.

In addition to the group show Coy, LAAA will also present 3 solo exhibitions by Carlos Grasso, Karen Hochman Brown and Jay Wysard.


Carlos Grasso new body of work Canvas Deconstruction liberates the canvas from its two-dimensional flat personality and formality, using its materiality to create sculptural and gravitational flowing forms. Grasso intentionally presents color being shaped into cascades of different designs and three-dimensional forms.


Karen Hochman Brown presents the ambitious and timely exhibit Vexilla Florum. A vexillum (flag) presents a symbol that can be seen from afar - an early form of communication, a way to direct troops or identify a faction. It is a relic of war. The standards Hochman Brown bears in Vexilla Florum pay homage to the flower children of the sixties, who promoted their power through gentle acts. They remember the women who constructed the flags of war while maintaining peace at home. Hochman Brown's digital practice combines with handcrafting to present feminine pennants of peace adorned with laser-cut ornamentation, augmented with digital animations that put the fabric and floral components into poetic motion.


Jay Wysard's exhibit All the Gods is inspired by a broad range of artistic, religious, and scientific imagery and thought (including such disparate things as Peruvian stone masonry, Hawaiian mythology, Chinese scroll paintings, totem poles, sheet music, barcodes, laser lights, and electrical circuit drawings). Wysard combines the practices of painting, drawing, and sculpture in his latest body of work, creating meticulously planned and yet idiosyncratic pieces which suggest relationships between ideas that we usually compartmentalize: logic and spirituality; the modern and the ancient; the organic and the artificial. Without being didactic, the work both hails the past and hints at something about our future.

Date and time: October 17, 2019 at 7pm

Show runs : September 14 - October 18, 2019

Where: Gallery 825
825 N. La Cienega Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Admission: Free

For more information call 310.652.8272 or e-mail

Above Images by Miss Art World, BlackManWhiteBaby, Karl Rogers, Carlos Grasso, Karen Hochman Brown and Jay Wysard