Nasty Woman


Photograph from performance, Monsters & Aliens #02 

Diane Williams 



Artist Statement

My work parallels my identity as an Asian American female. I examine culture through personal experiences, combining neo-surrealism with my personal narrative as an immigrant. Growing up in Los Angeles, a city that is ethnically diverse and a community with disparate backgrounds and diaspora, I explore identity that profoundly shapes and molds our sense of individuality. My media and compositions are diverse, mixing cultures and appearances that are pleasantly chaotic and strangely familiar.

I’m interested in drawing viewers into a space where both they and myself as the artist are implicated and reflected. I mix disparate, disjointed, and repeated elements: shadow vs. light, two-dimensional vs. three-dimensional space, geometric vs. organic, hard vs. soft, and abstraction vs. realism. These elements create visual tension, evoking a sense of the uncanny.