Unsolicited Debt

Credit Card Debt


Diego Barrientos



Artist Statement

I like to work in abstracts and collages because it forces me to use my emotions and my hands other than to just hold a paintbrush. I want to convey emotion, memories, as well as abstract ideas. Most of my work is a mixture of my combat experience in the Iraq war as a teenager and my fascination of cosmology and psychology.

Line, texture, and emotional purging are very important to me. My work consists of many layers of different colors, lines, materials, and techniques within each painting like the infinite number of imaginable universes out there; all existing simultaneously, millimeters apart other only to be denied access to each other because of abstract ideas. Spontaneity and uncertainty are also important to me. I do not plan ahead before I begin to work because improvisation and the fear of mistakes bring out the truest manifestations of “the present.” Emotion, material, ideas, and state of mind are captured in these time capsules.