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Echo Lew




Artist Statement

Echo Lew was born in Taiwan and moved to USA in 1983. He is an international contemporary artist located in Los Angeles, California. His artworks are featured in galleries, museums and private collections throughout the United States, Japan, Italy, Taiwan and China.

Echo is a self-taught artist and his style went from early 20th century inspiration into totally contemporary work. He is one who invented the “Light drawing” which he uses digital camera with long exposure to catch his “Drawing in the Space” or “Dancing with Lights”. It becomes his signature for contemporary world.

In my Zen Buddhist meditation practice, the lights bend like a reed in the breeze, or soar freely as a bird above a cliff, thousands of lights dancing in my mind. The inner world is clean, clear and full of fresh air. Thousands of lights move as a wave. The secrets of the universe are revealed.

Music, especially classical symphony, also shapes these visions. I draw the feelings the music brings forth, the expansive sense of flying over mountains, rivers, and oceans.

Art for me is an experimental adventure,
a profound form of play.

Select Reviews
2016“Meditations in Light by Echo Lew” by Meher McArthur at

2015“Echo Lew’s New Works Reflect a Life Based in Aesthetics as Much as Utility” by Anise Stevens at ÆQAI.

2014“Echo Lew_ Light in Space” by Peter Frank, Art Critique.



- “Zen Drawing” at LA ArtCore (Union Art Center), Los Angeles, California.

- “Photography Drawing” at Fun Year Gallery in Taichung, Taiwan.

- “Dancing the Light: When Time and Space Integrate” at Garden Gallery, Shanghai, China

- “Light in Space” at 825 Gallery (Los Angeles Art Association), Los Angeles, California.

- “Drawing in Space” at OCCCA (Orange County Center for Contemporary Art) Santa Ana, California.

- “Zen in Motion” at Tactile Art Museum in Shanghai, China.


Select EXHIBITIONS (Group)

- “LA Art Show”, at LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, California.

- “Palm Springs Art Fair”, at Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, California.

- “Art San Diego” at Balboa Park Activity Center, San Diego, California

- “Feston”, at 825 gallery, curated by Elizabeth East (Director of L.A. Louver gallery), Los Angeles, California.

- “Art Attack_Art in Office” at YinLai Art Center, Shanghai, China

- “FUNHOUSE” at Lamperouge Gallery with Brewery ArtWalk in Los Angeles, California



- “Los Angeles Art Now”, at Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu, China.

- “Japan -USA Artists Exchange”, at Kitakyushu Museum in Kyushu, Japan. 

- “USA-Japan Group Show”, at International Foundation Gallery, Kyoto, Japan. 

- “Alternative Universe” at OCCCA (Orange County Center for Contemporary Art) Santa Ana, California.

- “Neo-Art” at Sun-Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (Taipei, Taiwan) and Global Art Center, (Taichung, Taiwan). 

- “Adorn” at Gallery 825 (Los Angeles Art Association), California. Curated by Sarah Russin.

- ""Made in California"" at Brea City Gallery, California. Curated by Meg Linton.

- “International Photographer exhibition” at Kaohsuing Cultural Center, Taiwan.

- 53rd International Show at San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, California. - Group exhibition at Fun Year Gallery in Taichung, Taiwan. Curated by Simon Tsai.

- “Ink & Clay 40”, Kellogg University Art Gallery at California State Polytechnic University, Curated by Dave Lefner.

- “The Art of Stem Cells” at OCCCA, in collaboration with the Stem Cell Research Center at University of California, Irvine

- Museum of Fine Art, at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, USA.

- “LATITUDE 34-40” at “Villa Di Donato” in Napoli, Italy. Curated by Cynthia Penna.

- The Masur Museum Showcases Contemporary Artists, in Monroe, Louisiana, USA. Curated by Kelly Shindler.