Work for Soul (Karma Yoga)

The Desert

Departure of Prahlad

Ekashma Das

Artist Statement

I make art primarily as a devotional meditation,
and secondarily as a teaching tool. Just as the sun is one object with different features: the internal mechanism, the physical surface, and the emanation of light, my art describes three layers
of Theology: Divinity in nature, Divinity through introspection, and Divinity as beatific vision.

Stylistically I’ve inherited impressionism, which does not compete with God’s creation but instead seeks to internalize it. Mostly my background is in Western impressionism, which captures the essence by observation, but I’m exploring Eastern impressionism, which is more about internal contemplation. Because of travel and monasticism I value simplicity and versatility, so the ink and brush techniques typical of zen buddhist art naturally attracted me. The calligraphic aspect is also useful in channeling the narrative quality I love about Blake, Durer, Bosch, and the Pre-Raphealites.