Cosmic I and II

Edgar Allan Crow

Dark Comedy

Jennifer Susan Jones



Artist Statement

I am attracted to the old fashioned arts of magic, stop-motion animation, and puppetry, and strive to create work which is based upon the same principles: using physical manipulation, illumination, and atmosphere to evoke feelings of enchantment and childlike wonder. I strive to create unique and unusual art that, much like good Science Fiction, helps transport the viewer into a mysterious and exciting other dimension.

I experiment with odd combinations of media such as found objects, wire, tissue paper, stiffened yarn, and LED lights, to create work that conveys conflicting messages: vulnerable strength, heavy flight, and man-made nature. Within these works, the impossible becomes possible, the strange is slowly accepted, and a new creative language is spoken, delivering a novel validity. My goal is to slow people down before my work, delivering a sacred moment where the velvet curtain is drawn aside, revealing a sneak peek into a wondrous miniature landscape.