Dinner With Lazarus

Dinner With Lazarus

Invisible Fissure

Remnants of Lovers

Kathryn Hart



Artist Statement


Kathryn Hart’s art reflects the human condition — all of its crags, crevices, revelations and secrets — and her belief in an endless ability to rise from the ashes. Hart’s mixed media, multi-disciplinary works are rooted in personal history and plumb the depths of an inner darkness and an inner light.  In essence, her works are about life, death, and hope. 

After a career in medical market research for organ and tissue transplantation, Hart’s drive to communicate artistically returned to the front seat.   Her multi-layered work bridges the genres of painting, sculpture and assemblage.

An international award-winning artist, Hart has established a continued presence in New York City and Europe.  Her artwork is in the collections of the Ministries of Art and Culture of France and Poland, the City of Ostrow (PL) and two museums.  Schler Productions created a film about her artwork and process in 2016. Hart lives in Colorado.