Time In Space On Earth III

Time In Space On Earth III

The Sand Queen

Time In Space On Earth III

Katina Desmond



Artist Statement

In my work I explore multi-layered dimensions which hold memory, illusion and reality - qualities that surround and connect us on deep levels of experience. The resulting imagery resonates with both recognition and mystery: the elusive character of transcendence and hidden presence. 

In this series “Sand Paintings,” I’ve captured natural patterns in the sand at a unique southern California local: Coronado Island. I’ve never seen sand as beautiful as it is on this small stretch of beach. It holds glittering gold flakes juxtaposed with grains of deep dark charcoal, which create ephemeral patterns that morph with each wave. 

I have always been predisposed to pareidolia “a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists.” But I would argue that those “familiar patterns” DO exist, and I like to capture them. These particular images bring to my mind the universe; the connection between sand, sea, sky, meteors, galaxies, dark matter and our human existence - we are all stardust.