Space Between 3


Not Yet Titled

Kelly Brumfield-Woods



Artist Statement

I am interested in visual perception, pattern, space, volume (or lack of) and light and this is what I explore in my paintings. Influenced by the Light and Space movement, my pieces are transported from their place in art history and subverted using glitter, often hand-mixed to my liking, which will always throw a light shift as a viewer moves around a piece and often a color shift, too. As I continue to explore materials, most recently the addition of fur, I am aware of the feminization of the Light and Space movement which was male-dominated.

The concept of time comes into play. The physical time I spend on a piece, where I have to slow down and accept that there are no shortcuts and there is no rushing (versus life outside the studio, which is very different), and the physical time the viewer spends with a piece. The viewer has choices, from just a glance to the lengthier engagement of moving around a piece (to experience a color/light shift), or the lengthiest engagement which requires staring at one point for at least 30 seconds (to experience the afterimage effect).

My work in the studio is rigorous and precise but once complete and on a wall, I hope the viewer will simply find the joy in it, time and time again.