Civitella D'Agliano

San Severino Cuba #1.06

Casalabate Italy #1.003

Linda Kunik

Artist Statement

Taking photographs of walls and natural objects from all over the world was the inspiration for this body of work.  From the walls of San Severino prison in Cuba to walls holding up the gigantic head statues on Easter Island to the walls of an Italian medieval town and many places in between, I was fascinated by the abstract compositions that I saw close up.  These close-ups became the background and a metaphor for the persona that we present to the outside world-the wall that we show to other people. Cutting out part of the photograph and painting that section began to represent the disconnect between the persona we present and the multiple selves we are underneath.  At first glance, one sees a whole perfect image. Upon closer examination, the disconnect is obvious.  Our struggle is to find ways to integrate the two.