Birds Eye View: Little Tuscany

View from the Street Rossmore

View from the Street Saint Andrews

Lynda Keeler 



Artist Statement

The intersection of natural and built environments are the focus of my paintings.   While landscapes have been painted for hundreds of years, I’m searching for contemporary iconography using maps, aerial photography, and internet mapping apps to depicts what is unique to each location and to capture the fraught intersection of humans and nature.

The series “View from the Sidewalk” captures a quick look at the front yards, gardens, walkways, doors and architecture of houses and businesses seen on my daily walks.  Each painting has a distinctive focal point that identifies the specific property though the paintings are very abstract.

Roads, architecture, signage, vehicles, vistas and scenic points are incorporated into the “Bird’s Eye View” abstract paintings that show the results, both positive and negative, of the natural landscape reacting to the human environment.  Under layers of watercolor, acrylic, oil, ink, fiber or collage, the formal structure virtually disappears into the painting.