She Was Such a Lady #2

Vestale #1

New Year's Resolution

Marie-Laurie Ilie



Artist Statement

Ancient classical robed statues are my main source of inspiration. These vestiges from antiquity have always evoked in us a sense of both permanence and deterioration. Even when the faces are no longer discernible, the petrified robes carry many symbols and meanings, and their folds conjure many human secrets. In order to transpose these perceptions, I use cast paper pulp or fabric, or both together, because they are basically related, and because they can best adapt to fragments of ancient statues and let you imagine a more complete human shape. Cast paper evokes the hardness of stone statues, and fabric highlights the human aspect that is at the origin of the antique statues. Over the last few years, I have explored the timeless characteristics of Classical draped statues to compose metaphors about identity, the passage time, war, peace, recovery, and women's role, among other themes.