Inner Flower Series

Digital Display Series

Valley of the Lily Series

Martin Baran



Artist Statement

Classically trained to the masters, Slovakian born Martin Baran recently moved to the United States and presents his latest collections of oil paintings inspired by nature in passionate colors.

His most recent series titled “Inner Flower is powerful and vibrant while at the same time sensitive and full of emotion to each who view. Tragedy does not play a role rather an emotional impulse of something that longs to be heard in each of us. “Expressive” instead of “Expressionism.”

Baran’s second series of oil paintings called “Valley of the Lily”, which was created one year after Martin’s arrival to Los Angeles in 2015, is influenced by the nature that surrounded him since his childhood. He uses vibrant colors in out of place forms to change the transition of shape. 

Martin’s third series titled “Digital Display” is inspired by his recent exploration of the Cassis in South of France and an extensive stay on the coast of Cinque Terre in Italy. "DIGITAL DISPLAY" series is an experiment to blend these places with abstract lines in vibrant and bold colors. These lines are purposed together to create non-linear shapes that invite the viewers to decide what they are looking at.

Each time you look at the painting you will see something different!