Lumière dans la forêt tropicale


La forêt tropicale

Megan Frances



Artist Statement

While primarily abstract, my paintings feature thematic representational elements. Stylized leaves, plant forms and allusions to landscape reference my passion for the environment. Integrity of line and composition are paramount concerns in my work. My imagery is drawn and painted freehand with graphite pencil and paintbrush, gauging spacing mostly by sight instead of relying on measuring tools or other devices. I employ a nuanced two-dimensional effect, building on multiple layers and finishing with a smooth patina that belies the decisions and brushstrokes beneath.

My work is profoundly influenced by my formative years when I lived in the Bahamas. The undiluted light and colors of the sub-tropics infuse my palette. Surrealism, hardedge painting and geometric abstraction inform my approach. Conceptually, each painting is propelled by a resolved preconceived vision. I seek harmony of color, form, and a sense of balance with flickers of the unexpected, to entice the viewer to linger.