Fleur de Lys 9: View through two Windows

Fleur de Lys 6: Le Jardin

Fleur de Lys 8: Garden

Megan Frances



Artist Statement

While primarily abstract, my paintings include symbolic representational elements. Allusions to landscape, figure and plant forms reflect my passion for the environment. 

In my current series, I am exploring the Fleur de Lys as a point of departure for composition. My adaptation of the Fleur de Lys is a further abstraction of the already abstract ancient symbol. Intensely personal, the Fleur de Lys refers to memories of my experience as a young art student in France. 

I am concerned with integrity of line and composition. Rather than symmetry, I seek balance with a degree of unpredictability. After constructing a motif, I gradually deconstruct it, until it becomes unrecognizable. 

My work is influenced by my formative years in the Bahamas. The intense light and colors of the sub-tropics infuse my palette, and I tend to use a flat two-dimensional effect. Surrealism and abstract expressionism inform my approach.