10 January

Gray Abstract #16


M.L. (Margaret) Burdick



Artist Statement

Each object, every thought, has its own energy and frequency.  Painting, for me, is a way to capture this essence. It is a dialog between me, the materials and the moment. There is no effort to make a painting be, do, or feel a particular anything.

Born in New England in 1963, I started painting at age five and stopped when I was twelve. After living in Europe for 17 years I returned to the US and started painting again in 2011.  During the period in-between my focus was black and white photography. 

I am a graduate ofWalnut Hill High SchoolFor the Arts and received a BA in Art from Manhattanville College in 1985.  Both my love of color and the fluidity of the process underpin my paintings. When I am not painting I am pulling a string for my cat to chase.