San Andrea's Variations 

Valentine's Day

Monica Wyatt


Artist Statement

I first realized my love for visual storytelling when I began producing and directing television shows. Starting with the writer’s script, my palette was everything seen through the camera’s lens: actors, movement, light, and mood. Shot by shot, I wove together these images into two-dimensional dramas.

I longed, however, to tell my own stories, to move beyond words and pictures, and to explore themes that ignited my imagination. My assemblages became the three-dimensional stories I wanted to tell: stories about relationships, childhood, time passage, nature, marriage, motherhood, and secrets never told.

I’m completely enamored of textures, working in three-dimension and materials…the rustier and crustier the better!  Like a cycle of life, each sculpture starts with a human touch and is formed into something far more unique than the sum of its parts.  What’s old becomes new again, hopefully something that has never before been seen.  My artwork encourages viewers to allow their imaginations to be jostled, to look, and look again at the re-imagined compositions, perhaps catching reflections of their own stories.