Portrait with Flowering Tree Reflection on Face

And the Gang it had a Leader, and the Leader he was good

What's all this I hear about smoke and mirrors, or while I hold this porcupine

Scott A. Trimble



Artist Statement

While I paint with urgency, it also is something I consider at a distance, as a practice, with a clear voice and a place in the contemporary painting conversation.  

I engage only the intuition of my eyes and hand, intent only to tell a story.  It is partly always the story of myself, and because of the way I palimpsestically reuse and repurpose previous canvases, it is also the story of each painting’s own making.

I think of my works as memories, built-up over time, compressed and comingled, their preciousness waxing and waning, inscrutable and elusive until called forth at unexpected moments, transformed by later events in unanticipated ways.  I paint ambiguous accretions of accumulated emotions about, and arising from, the sparks and shadows of the human mind.

An empathetic rhythm moves the brush and shapes my titles, which feed each other.  That poetic interaction invites you to reconcile the title and image, and find resonance –personal and universal – with the melody.