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Rob Grad: I GOT THIS

Rhythm and order emerge in Rob Grad's I GOT THIS, a new series of photo-based mixed media abstract portraits. His blend of photography, paint, and wild shapes on stacked plexiglass and aluminum, presents archetypal characters detached from their environments. While each character is a self portrait, the themes are universal. On the surface, the characters look confident, as if to say "I got this. I'm capable. I can do it." But when you look more closely, there is something amiss. Their bodies are distorted, and their facial expressions do not match their body language. The characters appear to realize, "I got this," suggesting a delicate balance of a dual reality-the one being presented consciously, vs. the unconscious self perception inadvertently being revealed.

Opening Reception: April 28, 2018 from 6 - 9 pm
(show runs through June 1, 2018)