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Stacy Lovejoy


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Stacy Lovejoy is a multidisciplinary artist working in faux naïf genre. Her practice includes a wide variety disciplines ranging from paintings and sculptures to installations and performance art. She expresses herself using different media such as clay, resin, plastic, wood, metal, fabric, as well as things found in thrift stores and low-cost markets. 

Lovejoy has been drawing since she was a very tiny crab. Her naïve looking artwork tickles the viewers’ inner child inspiring them to stay sensitive, honest and playful like children and to be ready to spontaneous actions and experiments. In her artwork she declares there are no boundaries in the world that people born free and almighty enough to create their own reality.

Her work has been shown extensively in the United States and international. During the past year Lovejoy has had several solo shows at venues including “Flat Color Gallery” (Seattle, WA), Basic Space Gallery(Portland, OR). Her art pieces are in private collections in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Russia and Asia.


Artist Statement
Creating art takes me back to my childhood - that time when you admire water drops which sparkle in a sunny ray; seek funny characters in a rug; giggle over your puddle reflection and smile when a gentle wind tickles your cheeks. A time when you are happy-go-lucky, sensitive, almighty, and sometimes naive, but always genuine. I am an eternal child and art allows me to maintain this state of being.

The main idea of my art is to awaken people, tickle their mind, and say: ""Hey guys! This world is too simple to be taken so seriously!"" I wish for people to realize that being an adult is the same as being a child, but with far more benefits. As an adult, you belong to yourself and the most important thing is that you have a choice! It means you can have as much candy as you wish, even instead of dinner. And you can wear your clothes inside out, crawl the whole day instead of walking, and climb a tree with a candelabra on your head. The more you play and do such spontaneous and silly things, the more you feel alive. 

I wish to inspire people to abandon their shells and finally realize we are all free and almighty, and that all we've got in life is our choice, because we create our own reality.