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Artist Statement

My creations pulsate with feminine energy. Women are God’s greatest work of art and I believe life as we know it, evolves around them. Although I couldn’t fathom being a woman in this patriarchal world we live in, I open my creative process to the allure inherent to women. I aim for my art to celebrate the acute imperfections and endless perfections that exist within every woman.

Vanity Pop is a celebration of women, beauty, fashion, duality, insecurities and self preservation. With that foundation, my abstract portraits are a visual dialogue about our society’s idolization of beauty, the enhancements women endure to obtain this level of ""perfection"" and the impact this has on women in society. Although my work looks like collage, it’s in fact, meticulously hand painted to play with the viewers senses and create an optical illusion. Cosmetic enhancements and the various ways women alter their appearances to meet the status quo serve as the central focus of each portrait. By juxtaposing my subjects with diverse “perfect” features, I believe it speaks about the fragmentation within us all as we strive for acceptance. My aim is to produce art that consistently ignites discussion, captivates the senses and most importantly, question the importance we place on outer appearances."