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May 23 to June 5
Reception Saturday, May 23, 6p to 9p

VS. is a juried group exhibition that pairs artists together to create collaborative works of art.

Participating artists:
> Echo Lew VS Mei Xian Qiu
> Jeanie Frias VS Greg Dyro
> Tami Bahat VS Shoghi Castel de Oro
> Robyn Alatorre VS Georgeana Ireland
> Cameron McIntyre VS Jeff Iorillo
> Susie Stockholm VS Lenka Talska
> Kendra Spear VS Susan Swihart
> Vicky Hoffman VS Valerie Broatch
> Anna Mkhikian VS Amanda Mears
> Gina Herrera VS Shelley Heffler
> Julie Arnoff VS Neal Taylor
> Jane Szabo VS Ava Wang
> Joanne Chase-Mattillo VS Eric Oliver
> Gina Fernandez VS Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman
> Luigia Martelloni VS Cristi Lyon
> Tonya Rice VS Lisa Levy
> Andree Carter VS Philip Vaughan
> Chenhung Chen VS Bibi Davidson
> Dwora Fried VS Peter Dalton
> Adam Nisenson VS Elyse Wyman
> Linda Folk VS Pat Gainor
> Susan Melly VS Susan Chesney
> Nanci Schrieber-Smith VS Carl Shubs
> Karen Kinney VS Teresa Lakier
> Christie Shinn VS Deborah Kashinsky
> Barbara Nathanson VS Geoffrey Levitt
> Stephanie Sydney VS Abbie Weinberg

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