Blurry Face vs. Monomyth

Picnic on Mars

Crocodile In a Tutu

Amanda Saint Claire



Artist Statement

I am a natural storyteller and my creative process is an extension of my curiosity to interpret my internal and external experiences.  I strive to embrace the dynamic tension that is ever present and express a response through my use of color, composition, and textures.  I am curious about what emotions look like and I am not afraid to tackle a subject, no matter how mundane, grotesque, naive or sophisticated.  My process is an interplay between intention and intuition and an acceptance that the idea of control is an illusion. Child-like wonder defines my journey as an artist.

After serving in the US Navy as an attorney and running my own firm abroad, I decided to shift my entire focus in life and devote myself to painting full time.  "

"To create one's own world takes courage," Georgia O'Keeffe, and that is my motto.