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Our Mission

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, LAAA's mission is to provide opportunities, resources, services and exhibition venues for
Los Angeles artists, with an emphasis on emerging talent.
Founded in 1925, LAAA has launched the art careers of many celebrated artists and has played a central role
in the formation of Los Angeles' arts community.

Today, LAAA continues to play a central role in the Los Angeles arts community by providing our artist members and the public with exceptional exhibitions and programs, as well as a forum for exchange and education through lectures, workshops and networking opportunities. LAAA serves a broad cross section of artists of all mediums, career levels and socio-economic backgrounds, including those from low income communities. By supporting the emerging talent at the onset of their career path, we hope to influence all the cultural stakeholder groups in Los Angeles and contribute to the cultural identity of our community. LAAA is pledged to providing emerging artists with the experience, education and exposure needed to create and sustain a career in the arts.