302 Evening  

254 Tuscan Fields

237 Crystal Seas

Anne B Schwartz



Artist Statement

Crystal Auras features an amalgam of terrestrial and otherworldly qualities. These mixed media paintings are created with countless layers of potent earth-tones that permeate the sculpted surfaces. A primordial energy exudes from within the core of each painting. The work feels as if it has been spawned from a prehistoric cave wall, a stratum of a familiar or distant terrain, or the glistening interior of a geode. In my experience as a jewelry designer working with gemstones, I am adept at the manipulation of light. This allows me to enhance the natural energy inherent in the chosen pigment and invigorate the intricate geography of the surface.

My recent Ricordi d' Italia series continues my exploration of color, light, and surface. Inspired by travels to Italy's Amalfi Coast, these paintings still have the ethereal quality of Crystal Auras but also include a more formalized abstraction and defined composition. The layering of surfaces and color reveal a geometry with a distinctive Modernist flair. Elements of the past and present architecture of Southern Italy's coastal villages and ruins emerge from this abstracted imagery, producing a mood that does not reside in a specific time or place. Other works utilize a more electric and pulsating palette reminiscent of the potent energy of vibrant coastal vistas. The work exudes the unique variances of Italy's terrain and achieves an otherworldly quality through a reductive process in which the tangible is deconstructed into its essential elements.