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My Planet


Annie Clavel



Artist Statement

  "In my work I explore the visual language of relationships between color, shape, light and movement. I let my instinct and intuition guide my work to capture parallel moments of time. My work is about duality: freedom and confinement, theory and knowledge, complexity and simplicity, randomness and predictability. With the combination of these abstract ideas, along with various themes of relationships, I am able to advance the images toward a personal resolution.

Elements of modernism, abstract expressionism and contemporary abstraction influence my paintings. I look to the work of Gerhard Richter, Sam Francis, František Kupka, Pierre Soulages, Matisse, Franz Marc, René Descartes, Benoit Mandelbrot and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry as important influences.

The abstraction of my paintings is expressed through Quantum Mechanics where I was driven to imagine hidden universes. Once you admit that, in the Quantum world, one particle can be in two locations at the same time, it is easy to imagine parallel universes. To represent the variety of parallel universes, with particles, photons and waves, I create different atmospheres in each painting."