Trois Chapeaux Noirs

Les Métaphysiciens

Caron Rand


Artist Statement

Space is power. How we fill space during our lifetime makes an impact, a circle of yin and yang, which affects those around us. And with globalization ones influence has a larger circle of impact, which intrigues the artist Caron Rand.  

As a child, Rand was inspired by Asian art’s aesthetic use of space, line and contrast. In Rand’s recent graphite work she utilizes those concepts to focus on a single portrait or a combination of floating head studies for a dialogue on relationships, separated by space for their individual impact. Line and contrasts create the power of positive and negative space. Rand often selects subjects due to their notoriety, creativity, personality, impact on humanity, and the unique interaction they chose or choose to have with others as well as history’s influence on them; that intricately webbed story of their lives provides the catalyst for Rand’s renderings for viewer reflection and dialogue.

Although we are all equal we are not the same physically, mentally and spiritually. From a physical standpoint height often creates issues of dominance between people so rendering heads on the same plane brings a sense of unity and equality amongst a variety of appearances and that of gender. To Rand, the head portrait is extremely expressive and makes an imprint on our minds with its complexity even though it is only designed with four elements: eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. Yet these few design features become very complex when rendering a likeness via technical quality and spiritual essence to achieve recognition, as it is the face that mankind registers as such a powerful, lasting and unique imprint. 

Rand is also struck with the power of design concepts, and flags are the epitome of recognizing a particular country via design in national and global events. A flag’s origins and creators are each unique and their symbolic colors tell a story as well. Along with flags Rand incorporates maps, as they prove to be refined, repetitive, technical designs that create a sense of origin and exploration. 

Rand has coined the word “venerism” to best describe her creations, as she seeks to venerate those past and present, reflecting on their power and influence.