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Chenhung Chen




Artist Statement

In my work I am completely involved with line, having first recognized its power in Chinese calligraphy and painting, and later in American Abstract Expressionism. Through the use of line, I am able to express feelings of delicacy, power, buoyancy, strength and constant motion. The linear qualities inherent in nature also inform my assemblage process and creative vision. 

I make mixed media drawings, sculpture, and installations, which are composed of recycled materials including copper wire, electrical wire and components, and found objects. Drawing is always essential and fundamental for my creative process. Electrical wire and components are my preferred materials. Their function to harness electrical power and transform its potential, bending it
to the will of man, fascinates me.

My art is about dichotomy: Concord and dissonance, stillness and chaos, the subtle and the powerful, the bound and the boundless. From this are formed works dealing with balance, the making of the invisible into the visible, and the driving force for inner fulfillment.