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Eva Hyam

Artist Statement

I make art in order to reach the place within me that I have not revealed even to myself.  My art is an attempt to understand the mysteries of life through the process of exploring that which can be intuited, but not rationally explained. With a fascination for world cultures, I am interested in what unifies us and connects us. Through the art making process, I begin an exploration that seeks to define this human essence, the core that is universal in us all. This inner language translates itself spontaneously through abstract imagery. I follow an Internal “dialogue” as I work and listen to what the piece desires and intuitively respond. A sense of discovery begins as I unearth the painting surface through the layering process by applying and scraping away elements, attempting to reveal what is core, pure and primal. During this exploration suggestions are drawn from the materials by the use of texture, form and with the merging and juxtaposition of color. A language is evoked that could possibly have been spoken in days of antiquity, as well as in a modern context. Creating art enriches my life and nourishes my soul. It is my attempt to weave the simplicity and sacredness of life together, linking past and present while connecting the universality of the human spirit.