Under the Moon

Under the Moon- Stars


Isolde Kille



Artist Statement

From two dimensional works such as painting and photography to sculptural mirror works and film/video, I work with a variety of techniques to make visible not only the constructed nature of imagery but also the potential to change them. 

In my work, I move along the shifting line between the random and the structured, revealing different facets of my preoccupation with the powers and handicaps of perception. Each of these works has a secret twist. The tension between what we initially notice and what is actually there resonating through our encounter. 

This is a travelogue between the second and fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension appears as a two dimensional surface. We project the world around us as a two dimensional surface. The two dimensional surface is our battleground of illusions which tricks us with special effects to identify it as the world we know. It is our extension of our consciousness, that which binds us to the rest of the world. We imagine that we enter spaces while never even standing up to enter them. Our world is saturated with depth illusions. Actions are plotted by pictures on screens for places we have never even seen or sensed. Our bodies have become disconnected from all kinds of processes; we have lost our bodies as places of knowledge. Stuck behind surface, we are filled with illusions what we have mastered matter. Instead it definition keep slip sliding away. Chemical reactions abound, their white chalk equations on the blackboard represent the continuation of all matter. 

What remains is the dream of flying.

I fixate my eyes to a point at the corner of a table. My eyes hit this point at 30 degrees. I decide to increase this by 45 degrees and take off the ground.

Kille received an MFAfrom the University of Arts in Berlin, Germany. In Berlin, Kille organized several independent art projects that connected her to the art market in the US. Therefore she moved in 1998 to New York City.  Isolde has shown internationally at venues such as: Kunstwerke, Berlin; Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany, John Gibson Gallery, SoHo, NY; Lital Mehr Gallery, Chelsea, NY, Bard Museum, Annandale-Hudson, NY, The Bass Museum, Miami Beach, Florida, among others.  Currently she lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.