No Hands

Moving Day


Kim Marra



Artist Statement


My memories are dominated by the spaces I experienced them in. How I felt and where I was are inextricably linked. Through my paintings, I extract elements from my past surroundings and reconfigure them in a way that feels more natural to me. I am attracted to both urban, industrial landscapes and domestic interiors. The visual content of the two can be so different yet the feelings I associate with them often overlap. When I’m painting I’m considering why a city sidewalk can feel connected to my childhood bedroom, or how the bricks of an empty warehouse resemble the chimney in my old home. My recent work is inspired by the aesthetic of collage. Geometric shapes and bold colors enhance this process while making my work aggressive and confrontational. The environments I create are scattered with entrances, twists and turns. There are places for the eye to travel and areas that stop short and force you out. They are meant to be explored as they welcome you, surround you, and simultaneously turn you away.