The Thing In Itself

Stratospheric Cataclysm

Everything Is And Isn't

Lillian Abel



Artist Statement

My work depicts Nature, however, it is made in my studio from memory, impulse and emotion, from the energy experienced in Nature.

The paintings are an exploration of the space between abstraction and representation. They are abstracted by the palette knife, searching for hidden worlds and images in the paint that reveal on the picture plane. They need to be uncovered, stroked, massaged and moved onto the surface, brought up from where they are hiding; surprising me with their ability to come forth when called by my hand. Revealing the recognized of our ‘world sight’ as unrecognizable, opening the eye of the witness to the coalescence of fierceness and delicacy in Nature. Beginning from darkness, moving to find hidden worlds that lay just beyond the edge of our awareness, calling the unexplored knowledge of the unseen.