Mesa Verde #8




Linda Kunik

Artist Statement

Perception and contrast have always been at the core of my work.  Whether it was painting my interpretation of the glaciers melting and the falling apart of our lives, or the close-up and sensual photographs of heirloom tomatoes from my four-year gardening project, which also fed a community of artists.  Creating a juxtaposition of one image to another.  How do we see it?  How do we perceive it?   What is the first impression from afar and what follows after closer examination?  The land and the environment have always been a source from which my ideas develop and realize themselves. This project is a natural evolution.  Edge of History investigates the parallels between the ancient cliff dwellings of the Anasazi and Pueblo Indians of Mesa Verde, Colorado, and the hi-rise residential and commercial buildings of current-day Denver, Colorado. What follows is an exploration of a timeline of the arts and architecture in America.   My concept was to compare and contrast the buildings of past to current to future.  To realize this timeline, the process of photography and my own unique version of an emulsion process were used.