Electric Avenue


Out There and Beyond

Lori Stanford



Artist Statement

Most of my art deals with boundaries, whether they are visible and tangible or not. My style is my own, and the painting process serves as a way to explore my own thoughts and views on the world. As I begin to put paint on the blank canvas, my awareness of time and the realities of everyday life seem to dissipate. In this flow state, I start scraping, dripping, squeezing, splattering, spraying, and blowing the paint around the canvas. Because the process resonates so deeply with me, my work takes on both raw and vulnerable qualities. I enjoy experimenting with physical boundaries which define space, keeping some things out and others in. This serves as a metaphor for the inherent structure which boundaries provide to interpersonal dynamics and human societies as a whole. At times these confines restrict rights and access to some while they ensure others get more than their fair share. To me abstract art is like philosophy and poetry tangled together.

Lori Stanford is an abstract artist living and working in Los Angeles. Her work has both organic and mystical qualities that beckon the viewer to look deeper within. Lori, who enjoys a meditative like state while she paints, says she loses herself in each piece. Doctor Stanford gave up her career as a pediatrician to focus her energy on her art. While she has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and a MD degree from UCLA, Lori is a self-taught artist. Her work has sold publicly and privately across the country.