No Turning Back

Heron Heaven

Lorraine Bubar



Artist Statement

My interest in paper cutting developed out of a love of traveling the world and a desire to honor its diverse cultures through an art form that crosses the boundaries of culture, art, and craft. I began cutting paper when I realized that so many cultures, from Eastern Europe and China to Mexico, utilize paper cutting.  My paper cutting connects me to this extensive cultural heritage as I cross the line between craft and fine art, transforming paper cutting into a painterly medium.  My recent paper cuts celebrate the planet's various ecosystems and the hierarchy of species.  They are kaleidoscopes of bold color, texture, and depth. Other scenes I have illustrated include the chaos of the modern world as freeway interchanges and construction transforms the Los Angeles landscape.  These intricate lacework of layered papers illustrate both the fragility and strength of the paper medium, as well as the fragility and strength of these environments.