Love's  Labour's Lost

Still Waters Run Deep

Lynne Russo



Artist Statement

Having lived my entire life as an artist, it is my background as a dancer that has proven to be the most essential element in my work as a painter.

To this end, I typically work on 3 or 4 large pieces simultaneously, while moving from piece to piece – and since painting with my hands can be part of my process, I feel very connected to each painting.

I love the quote from Hopper that says, ""If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint."" As someone who also enjoys writing, I find there is nothing like expressing oneself with paint – it's the truest extension of me – and honestly, I find it cathartic

My art is truly the process of mind, body and soul coming together – in one, large, abstract canvas – creating work that honors process as much as the end result.