Joyful Vision

Memories Past

Mara Zaslove



Artist Statement

Mara’s photographs are entries to her soul, connecting the intangible to the tangible through light, time and memory.  Using natural light to capture what she feels in her heart and her eyes, taking photographs has become as essential to Mara as breathing air, and in some ways, has evolved into her sixth sense.  Mara thrives on creating visual conversations that embrace the universality of aging, childhood, life on the street and how 'human beings' impact the natural world.

Growing up with a father who was a fine artist, Mara was surrounded by his work and sensibilities.  His influence made a profound imprint on her and she often finds herself mirroring his visual style.  Mara innately responds to form, patterns, shapes and composition and finds that this early exposure permeates her sense of balance and style.

As Mara’s photography has progressed, she has been drawn to capture the human stories set in natural environments.  Either candid or anticipated, she seeks to convey a uniqueness particular to each individual that invites the viewer to explore their own life’s path with that of the subject documented.