Friends Forever

Lord David and Home Alliance

The Palace Entrance

Mina Novian



Artist Statement

 I see the world as a mosaic of color, light, shadow and texture. My art is a gift from the universe and my canvases are simply a vessel to capture the great beauty I see and the energy that is contained in all things. My aim is to share a message of inspiration and a celebration of life. The concept of my work is to uplift people on an everyday basis, and to tap into each person’s highest potential. Sometimes we often experience uncertainty, and it prevents us from accomplishing the purpose of our existence. My work is about the awesome power within us.

My art celebrates the beautiful, innocent and pure part that exists somewhere within every human being. Although daily life sometimes feels stressful, dull and even cruel, we must remind ourselves not only of the beauty of our natural surroundings, but of the hope that we can, and, indeed, must improve the world around us. My art strives to serve as that constant reminder and inspiration.