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Mitra Zall



Artist Statement

Growing up I always had a passion for painting. While studying under different mentors, I dedicated myself to learning as many areas and styles as possible.

My initial works focus on a traditional classical style with oil. In fact, I even followed the painting techniques of master painters of the past, painting multiple layers with raw umber before painting the final top layers in oil. 

I also became fond of using gold and silver leaf in my work, after studying and reproducing Klimt's Judith I, painting. This and other reproduction can be seen in the Replica series on my website.   

After years of painting in a traditional classical style, I started to develop a passion for impressionism, and contemporary painting with acrylic. While studying these areas, I slowly found myself pulling ideas together across the different genres.

In what I likes to call my Mix Media Peeling Technique series, I takes an image and in a place and peel technique, transfers it to a canvas or wooden panel. I then begin to paint over it, or incorporates it into the painting. As a result, the canvas becomes textured, giving the painting a special characteristic.