Fierce Grace 1

Fierce Grace 2

Dance Fight - Chapter One

Nicola Majocchi

Artist Statement

Movement is the essence of everything and beauty can be found everywhere, as long as our mind is open and our eyes ready to discover it and to capture it and with perfect timing. The result is not good luck, but it is the moment when our preparation meets the right opportunity.
“Dance Fight” is a series of images dedicated to the beauty and grace of dance and the sheer power of human physical performance. This is an interaction between two worlds that I like to define as “Fierce Grace”. It is aimed to celebrate some of the brilliant and talented New York City Ballet dancers, and to recognize their athleticism as they are propelled into motion by internal forces and often buffeted by external ones.

From downhill skiing the Italian alps as a teenager to working as an assistant to legendary photographer Irving Penn in NYC, Nicola Majocchi has had a colorful career and always displayed a capacity to look at life with humor, drama, sensuality, all of it spiked by an element of risk – and his photography reflects as much.
Today, Majocchi is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed photographer dividing his time between New York City, Los Angeles and his native Italy. Majocchi’s images are known for their fusion of postmodern edginess and euro-romanticism.