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Still Alone

The Old Zoo

Odenis Vitoreli



Artist Statement

The inspiration for my work comes from different sources, such as different cultures, the human figure, literature, architecture, films, social issues and dreams. My intention is to use the canvas as a tool to understand, critique, and reinterpret an idea.
My creative process often starts with a thought that is provoked from something that I read in a book, an image I saw in a film, or a place that I visited. The development of the composition is often guided by the use of the golden ratio and numerical sequences. Sometimes I start by using photographs that I took to create a composition in Photoshop; where the images are manipulated and transformed into something new. I then transfer parts of the composition to a canvas, where I further alter and add to the images using mixed media. My ambition is to create metaphysical moments which, like a dream, is frozen in time and has no beginning or end. My goal is for the image to capture the imagination of the observer, so that the observer becomes a participant of the story.
The subjects of my paintings often depict an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts. I am influenced by the relationship between the body and space. I believe that a painting should be provocative and meaningful, and the aesthetic qualities are a bi-product of the thought process.