Selby Ranch

Elemental Transparency

Primary Water Trough

Paul Ivanushka



Artist Statement

As a result of a trip to the Grand Canyon and inspired by the canyon photographs of the Kolb Brothers Paul developed his first roll of film when he was ten years old. Since then exploring the outdoors has been a major portion of his growth and life.

He was born an Army brat at the West Point Military Academy and was raised in various cities across the United States where he was exposed to the diversities of both people and nature.

After studying at Brooks Institute of Photography Paul spent most of his career in the printing industry learning and managing tone reproduction on high speed web offset presses.

Recently, he picked up a camera creating action portraits of horses and riders in various equine competitions.  He now spends most of his free time shooting fine art landscapes with
a large format camera.

Paul is now a Software Business Analyst and currently resides in Inglewood, California.