Human Bondage I



Qin Zhang



Artist Statement

Qin Zhang likes to combine her interests in philosophy and photography, with reference to her love and appreciation for arts in her work.  Recently, she primarily has two focuses: both of them are prone to minimalist and conceptualist.  One of her focuses has more expressionist touch, where she will be expressing her emotions and thoughts. These pieces would most likely be staged photos, with individual names.  In her focus, she will most likely be emotional neutral, and ask the viewers to investigate the psychological and emotional impacts the images will generate.  She will call works with this focus “Investigation Series”, they are most likely processed snap shots from her daily life.  There might be some cross over pieces where some snap shot pieces can be categorized as expressionist pieces.

Most recently, she is developing series of works called “Human Bondage”, where she is primarily contemplating the impacts of culture influences (mostly focusing on clothing related to customs) on humanity.

‘Seeking’ is another series she is working on.  In this series, she is contemplating the roles of emotions played on thoughts formulated."