Sandra Lauterbach



Artist Statement

Textiles are my medium of choice.  My connection to fabrics and relationship with stitches is surely tied to my family’s background of over 4 generations in the textile industry.  I view thread, yarn and fabric as my paints.  Instead of brushstrokes, I stitch.

My current work plays against the usual association of fabrics as being pliable and focuses on their ability to form collages and to create their own structural formations.  It is a study of color, pattern and form using a non-traditional medium (fabric and stitching) to create fine art wall reliefs. The various fabrics are the canvases with which I collage forms in a formal process to create a composition. The stitching helps to interconnect the forms by creating texture and marks on my ""canvas""--similar to a painter using brush strokes to create marks in their paintings.  My work marries the traditional and historical technique of stitching with contemporary abstract art.